During a cricket match, usually there is a batting team that scores the runs. Batsmen play in pairs. One puts himself at the end of the cricket court, and the other is located at the side where the ball is thrown. Of course, in all these plays it is possible to access 1xBet - fast and simple online betting to bet in a wide range of matches from all over the world. The idea is for the batter located at the opposite side from where the ball is thrown to hit the ball as far as possible. This gives time to both batsmen to run to the other end of the field. If both batsmen manage to reach the other end, the team in question scores a run. If enough time is given to the batters by throwing the ball far enough, it is possible to go back and forth between ends in order to score multiple runs. Betting for runs is possible at the fast and simple online betting - 1xBet platform.

What does the opposition do

The pitching team, which is the one that is not batting, will try to prevent the other team from scoring runs. However, it will also try to eliminate the batsmen from the opposing side. The pitcher will try to hit the wicket after throwing the ball. This wicket is protected by one of the batters. Regardless if the batsman hits the ball, a defender will try to catch the ball and throw it to the pitcher. Also, it should be noted that each time that a batsman is eliminated, another one will come to replace him. This means that throughout each game, there are many players participating and making all kinds of plays, giving lots of chances to bet at the 1xBet - live bet on all sports platforms. The inning ends when the maximum number of legal pitches is reached, or if another pair is not possible. Normally, this happens after ten out of 11 batters are eliminated in the game. After the team with the fewest points completes all of its innings, that team loses. The chances to make a live bet on cricket easy with 1xBet platform allows punters to wager on who will be the winner of each contest.

Making outs in a cricket match

Making outs in a cricket match There are many ways to make outs during a cricket match. Users can make live bet on cricket easy with 1xBet in order to guess who will make those outs. Some of these methods include: taking down any of the bails; catching the ball before it touched the ground after it has been hit by the batter; if the batsman keeps his body between the ball and the bails, preventing them from being taken down. There are other methods to make outs as well. The great and easy live bet on cricket with 1xBet platform allows betting on all these forms.