Earlier this year, Governor Cuomo of New York signed legislation designed to help support the growth of the craft beer industry.


“The legislation is designed to support New York’s breweries and wineries, increase demand for locally grown farm products, and expand industry-related economic development and tourism. The legislation protects an important tax benefit for small breweries that produce beer in New York, exempts breweries that produce small batches of beer (regardless of location) from paying an annual State Liquor Authority fee, and creates a Farm Brewery license that will allow craft brewers to expand their operations through opening restaurants or selling new products.”


Governor Cuomo supported the legislation as he believes the industry creates jobs, helps state farmers and hop growers, and brings in tourism dollars across New York communities.


“The legislation creates a “Farm Brewery” license that will allow craft brewers that use products grown in New York State to operate in a similar fashion to the state’s farm wineries, leading to increased demand for locally grown farm products as well as expanded economic development and tourism.”


Read more about the specific details of the legislation here.

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