The following resources are found embedded throughout relevant portions of “The Guide” and Checklists but are provided here for easy access.

If looking at starting a direct farm marketing enterprise, we recommend working through the General Checklist.


These frequently asked questions are the direct result of discussions with farmers, personal experience, and examination of questions and comments from the “Ask Drake” page.


The Direct Farm Marketer’s Glossary is intended to provide a quick reference for terms and concepts related to direct farm marketing and corresponding legal issues. It is linked to throughout this site.

Phone Calls to Make

This page provides is a list of essential individuals, agencies, and organizations to contact as well as the questions to consider asking when developing a direct farm market business.


This page includes legal forms, presentations, contracts, and other materials to help direct farm marketers build their farming enterprises. Updated resources will be added to this site.


Online flashcards are provided to help potential and current direct farm marketers master key concepts and vocabulary, including common types of direct marketing and business formation.

Video Library

The video library page contains the multimedia recources that are embedded throughout the online “Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing” and the interactive “Direct Farm Marketer’s Checklist.”